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All families are invited and encouraged to attend the Board Meetings. 
Meetings will be In-Person in the VG Library

Time: 8:30-9:30 AM

Meeting dates are as follows but are subject to change:
September 21
November 16
January 25 (9:30-10:30 AM)
March 22
May 10

PTA Reimbursements

To get reimbursed by the PTA please follow the directions on this document:
PTA will reimburse for all expenses directly related to a PTA-sponsored event and approved by the Chair of the Event or PTA membership.  Keep all receipts associated with the expense.  We cannot reimburse without receipts.  PTA-sponsored events include General Carnival expenses, all Auction-related expenses, Art Auction, Father/Son & Father/Daughter,  Mom/Dad Night Out, Red Ribbon, Box Top, Reflections, & Field Day.  All requests must be submitted within one month of the related event date.  Any late requests will require PTA membership approval for reimbursement.  All requests will be processed within three weeks of the date received.  Payment should be received within 4 weeks.
To be reimbursed from PTA:
  • Complete a PTA Payment Authorization Form which can be found in the VG office or click the links on the left-hand side.
  • Include your name and address and a description of the purchase and event name.
  • When necessary, get your Event Chair Approval
  • Attach (staple) any invoices or receipts to the form.   You will not be compensated without receipts!
  • Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request if you want the check mailed directly to you.
  • Return your request to the office.
  • Pick up your Payment check in the VG Office if you do not include an envelope.
Contact Jenn Collins at with questions.
2022/2023 PTA Board Members

2022/2023 PTA Board Members

Amy Semmens
Gillian Brotherson
Executive Vice President
Sara Robinson
Recording Secretary
Jenn Collins
Raj Rakkar
VP Digital Communications 
Teri Eisenhauer
VP Legislative Advocacy 
Kenna DiGiovanni
VP Parent Education 
Heather Zanin
VP Membership
Jessica Chatto
Financial Secretary 
Amanda Butland
Ashley White
Lisa Trompas