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All families are invited and encouraged to attend the Board Meetings. 
Meetings: Some meetings will be conducted In-Person & Some on Zoom
See Below!

Time: 5:30-7:00 PM

Meeting dates are as follows but are subject to change:
September 14 (Updated from 9/7 to 9/14)  Library: In-Person
November 2  Library: In-Person
January 11 Library: In-Person
March 8 Library: In-Person
April 12 Library: In-Person
May 3 Library: In-Person


Corporate Gift matching is a program where companies match donations made by their employers to non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.   Vista Grande Falcon Fund is a non-profit organization.  Many companies encourage charitable giving and matching may be part of your employee benefits.  If you have made a donation to Falcon Fund, your company may match your donation to Falcon Fund dollar-for-dollar. If everyone who is eligible for matching requested one from his or her employer, Falcon Fund would be able to receive over $15,000 in free money from corporate matching this year.
If you have any questions or would like to know if your company matches, please do not hesitate to contact: 
SRVEF Matching Information:
Under the umbrella of the San Ramon Valley Education Found, Falcon Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to enhance the quality of education for Vista Grande students.
The State of California provides no funding for classroom paraeducators (teacher assistants) or elementary art, music, and technology programs.  Falcon Fund raises money to fund classroom paraeducators as well as high-quality art, music, and technology programming.  Vista Grande classroom paraeducators spend 9.5 hours in every TK-2nd grade and 6.5 hours per week in every        3rd-5th grade classroom, providing targeted reading, writing, and math support to students.  Beginning in Kindergarten, all of our students receive art, music, and technology classes each year.  

Vista Grande Classroom Paraeducators

Drawing on data, research, and best practices, Vista Grande paraeducators partner with teachers to provide students with a multi-tiered system of support:
  • Tier 1 Support – The Whole Class: Paraeducators work with the whole class, in small groups, and one-on-one to support students. They assist the teacher with reading, writing, math, spelling/phonics/grammar instruction as well as running records/assessments in reading, writing, and math.
  • Tier 2 Support – Small Group Intervention: Paraeducators provide targeted support in small groups to address different student strengths and areas of need.
  • Tier 3 Support: Intensive, Individualized Support for Struggling Students: Paraeducators provide very specific support to individual students.
Our paraeducators attend monthly paraeducator/teacher staff meetings and receive ongoing professional development. 

There are three major ways in which Falcon Fund raises money:

  • Family Donations - collected during Fall Registration or anytime through the VG Store
  • $298 single donation per child to support the Traditional Classroom Paraeducators.
  • $162 single donation per child to support music, art, technology, primary science paraeducator.
  • Donations are tax-deductible and Falcon Fund’s Tax ID is # ​94-3043319.  Donations also qualify for Corporate Matching
  • Family donations generate roughly half of Falcon Fund’s annual revenue each year
  • Fundraisers: Turkey Trot, Movie Nights, Family Dinner Nights, Auction, Camp VG

We appreciate your support! Thank you!

2022/2023 Board Members

President Kristin Wolff
Vice President Ariel Frank
Treasurer Romney White
Financial Secretary/Bank Deposits Anu Ubhi
Secretary Monica Rhodes & Stephanie Weitzel
Communication Parent Outreach Jamie Gardea & Alison Arnott
Matching Funds Megan Nykoluk
Auction Chair Katie Berger
Co-Auction Chair Megan Moffat
Auditor Stephanie Moustraits
Dinner Night Chair Stephanie Moustraits
Turkey Trot Chair Ariel Frank & Stephanie Moustraits
Camp VG Chair OPEN
Principal Osi Juergens