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Drop-off/Pick-up Traffic


Parking Lot Map

Vista Grande Parking Lot Directions

Updated wording to ensure safety in the lot:
  • In Lane A- please pull all the way forward and have your child get out on the side of the sidewalk- DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR, you must let off your child and then pull out of the parking lot.
  • In Lane B- you must continually move forward, no stopping
  • In Lane C- please pull up to the cross walk and have your child get out on the side of the Diablo Road, not the inner lane. They must walk up to the main crosswalk and wait for an adult to help them cross.
  • When coming into the parking lot please pull forward and support our buses coming into the lot.
  • Do not cut into Lanes A or C. Enter at the start of the parking lot.
  • If you drop off children in Lane C, remind them to use the crosswalk.
  • Do NOT park in the Red Zones.
  • Do NOT back up. It is difficult to see small children.
  • School buses must be able to enter the parking lots. Load and unload at the north end.
  • Keep the parking lot flowing forward in both outside lanes. 
  • Pull all the way forward and DO NOT drop your child off at the back, by Kids' Country or around the corner in the Staff Parking Lot.
  • Please make sure anyone bringing your child to school or picking them up also knows these rules
  • Please do not use cell phones when driving through the parking lot.
  • Drive slowly. Watch for children in front and in back.
  • Please be respectful of the staff directing traffic in the parking lot. They are keeping our children safe.
  • Do not drop off or pick up children in the staff parking lot.
  • Help us improve the system. Tell us your ideas, or volunteer to assist in the parking/driveway.
***Exceptions to Parking Lot Directions: TK/Kinder and 1st Grader- Can park in lanes A and C and exit the vehicle to pick up their children. Please remember to be quick so that you are not blocking cars for too long.
  • Click here to download pdf instruction.