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Vista Grande Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program supports excellence in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) through a program that enhances the education of all students while addressing the specific needs of the gifted. An equitable identification process, differentiated instruction, and enrichment ensure continuous academic growth. Vista Grande teachers provide GATE students with planned and organized learning experiences that are integrated into the regular school day as well as during our weekly Falcon Time.

Please visit the SRVUSD GATE page for more district information.

Once your child passes the CogAT, they are classified as GATE in the school district and at the child's elementary school site. Administration and classroom teachers are informed of the child's GATE status and this information is entered into their school file. Students retain GATE status throughout their educational experience in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Students are placed in "GATE clusters" which means that other GATE students are grouped together in their classroom to meet their needs more effectively.
How does VG support GATE students: 
  • GATE instruction begins on the first day of school. Through a variety of good teaching practices and strategies, Vista Grande teachers meet the needs of and provide challenges for GATE students. GATE education is integrated into daily instruction. This ensures that gifted students' needs are being met consistently and constantly. Your child's unique needs are met in their classroom and teachers present information and modify it to meet their teaching styles and learning styles of students.
After-School Opportunities:
  • Vista Grande also have a parent-led After School Opportunity where students who identify as GATE can attend after-school field trips. More information to follow.
How can parents help out with the GATE program:
  • Volunteer to be a chaperone for one of the after-school GATE trips.
  • Provide instruction to your own children at home. Learning does not end once a child leaves the classroom. The best education comes from teachers and parents working together for children. Take your child to museums, shows, or places of historical value. Ask questions about the trips and connect them to real-world applications. You can also provide interest-based projects if your child would like to do them.
  • Join the Parent Teacher GATE Committee and help plan engaging and fun events for our Vista Grande GATE students, parents, and teachers. Contact the Vista Grande GATE parent representative if you are interested in joining.
    • Contact info. will be updated soon


Parent GATE Coordinator - Kelly Kwon
Staff Representative - TBD